Our Company Mission

To provide technical expertise and capabilities to catalyze the space-based supply chain delivering commodities from space resources(water, propellants, metals), in to in-space markets, thus supporting the emerging in-space economy in low and high earth orbit, cis-lunar space, lunar surface, and on the near earth asteroids, Mars and its moons, and so advance the expansion of Humanity into space.

What We Do

We provide technical consulting services in the following areas:

  • Terrestrial resource projects planning and implementation
  • Space resource project development, planning, and implementation
  • Remote operations and robotics through distributed networking.

We are developing a ‘pipeline’ of near term, minimal capex, fast return asteroid resource missions which we will be offering equity in as individual projects for JV or farm-in partners


Concepts Study and Proof - of - Concept Mission

We have completed a concept-level study for the retrieval of water from a Near Earth Asteroid and are currently seeking partners to support completion of a pre-feasibility study for a Proof of Concept and Sample Return mission.


The Team

The co-founders and senior team members individually are successful independent consultants with long track records of success, across a wide and challenging range of projects.

The Asteroid Resource Projects Planning & Services (ARPPS) team has core capabilities in:

  • Physics, geology, & mining
  • risk management processes
  • chemical / process engineering.
  • mechatronics / robotics engineering

ARPPS provides:

  • extensive terrestrial resource development expertise
  • technical advice and ‘fresh-look’ problem solving
  • experience in project definition and development
  • project management of complex, hi-tech, multi-metal and hydrocarbon projects
  • application of pure and applied science to sampling, modelling, analysis and decision making

Additionally, ARPPS works with experienced space professionals, who are focused on resource development opportunities in the emerging on Earth and off Earth space economies.


Global Networks

A key strength is our ability to tap into our extensive global network within the mining and resources industry, the space industry and regulatory systems. This provides the ability to connect readily to key-capability and like-minded individuals and to bring together major players in the resource development industry, the space industry and research institutions.


Core Team Members Capabilities

Mark Sonter

  • Internationally recognised subject matter expert in asteroid resource development;
  • More than 40 years’ experience in operational and senior management roles in resource development projects, has consulted across extremely broad range of safety-related areas;
  • Author of ‘Technical and Economic Feasibility of Mining the Near Earth Asteroids’, 1997 and development
  • Unsolicited grant recipient, Foundation for International Nongovernmental Development of Space (FINDS), 1999-2000; invited to join Asteroid Mining Group 2011;
  • Co-founder (with Rick Tumlinson and others) of Deep Space Industries (DSI), 2012;
  • Led multiple concept & scoping studies focussed on both precursor & full-scale missions;
  • Development of orebody models and robust concept designs for ‘small-bodies’ miner modules;
  • Invited Lecturer, Univ. of Adelaide School of Civil, Environmental, and Mining Engineering, Space Resources Graduate Certificate course;

Jim Hondros

  • More than 35 years in resource projects including operations, senior management, consulting and project management
  • Extensive experience in numerous multimillion-dollar complex resource project management roles, managing and co-ordinating project teams, including prototyping and construction
  • Proven technical project management, including risk management and delivery
  • Ability to operate and provide advice across all layers in an organisation
  • Technical capabilities in software development and expert systems
  • Extensive governance experience.

Our Extended Team Member

  • Long term space advocate and space business developer
  • Geological and geo technical specialists
  • Robotics engineering and successful custom robotics applications for industrial use
  • Mining engineering
  • Process engineering research and top-level plant operational management
  • Financial management
  • Dedicated project management capabilities

How Are We Different from Other Space Start Ups?

We offer a unique perspective and knowledge, gained from working with multiple ab-initio and unique projects. The team members have been involved in every phase of the terrestrial resources development process, including exploration, project concept development, to design, permitting, implementation, commissioning, operations, and decommissioning/rehabilitation. This unique experience demonstrates that we understand ‘what it takes’ to realise a complex resource development project.

We offer both a consultancy service, and a portfolio of project concepts for business partners who are interested in working with us to develop the endless possibilities of off Earth resource utilization.